Sheet Metal Worker           
Benefits include:


National Pension

Health & Welfare

Apprentice, Journeyman Training


NATURE OF WORK:  Fabricates and installs architectural sheet metal, kitchen equipment, and ducts for heating and air conditioning systems in residential and commercial buildings.  Lays out, bends, cuts and performs all operations needed to form metal into the desired shapes.  Installs and maintains heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Medium work: Should be able to lift, carry, push or pull up to 50 pounds; frequent lifting or carrying up to 25 pounds.  Should be able to climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, reach, handle, feel and see.


WORKING CONDITIONS;  Both inside and outside, with exposure to excessive noise and vibration, which, if endured daily could cause bodily harm.  The work varies considerably, depending upon the installation.  Often the work is prepared in a shop then transported to the job for installation.  Must work from ladders and scaffolds, sometimes from awkward positions.


TRAINING DURATION:  Minimum of five (5) years of night classes along with on the job training.


USUALLY EMPLOYED BY:  Sheet Metal shops, heating and air conditioning contractors, stainless steel shops, specialty shops, manufacturing plants and others.