EAP Matters

How Your Employee Assistance Program Can Help


There are many reasons why people decide not to seek help when lifes problems get in the way. 

v      Fear about being labeled, crazy

v      Fear of being judged as weak or incompetent.

v      Fear that things wont get better.

v      Fear that theyll have to change.

v      Thinking they should be able to figure it out on their own.

v      Fear that someone they work with will find out.


Some reasons why our Alegent EAP clients have sought assistance:

v      I want to get the most out of life.

v      I want my marriage to be healthier.

v      I want to stop feeling down.

v      I want to learn what a healthy relationship is.

v      I want to stop hurting.

v      I want to learn to forgive myself and others.

v      I want to find my purpose and passion in life.

v      I want to be able to trust again.

v      I want to figure out whats important to me.

v      I want to accept myself.

v      I want to accept others.

v      I want to cope better with life.

v      I want the craziness to go away.

v      I want to be able to say, No.

v      I want to be a better parent.

v      I need help with my drinking/drug use.

v      Someone I care about has a drinking/drug problem.

v      I want help in coping with loss in my life.

v      I need to know if Im normal for feeling this way.


What our clients often find is that things can and do get better.  People realize that counseling is simply a safe place to feel heard, to be validated, to be challenged and ultimately to find solutions to lifes challenges.  Many will report that they were able to:

v      Improve how they communicate.

v      Feel a personal validation of their thoughts and feelings.

v      Manage their anger better.

v      Make better decisions.

v      Develop healthier coping skills.

v      Have a better relationship with their spouse, children, family and friends.

v      Set and enforce healthy boundaries for themselves and with others.


It takes a strong person to recognize when they need some extra help.  Think of it this way.  If your toilet is overflowing and you cant get the water to stop, who are you going to call? Hopefully, a professional that has the experience and expertise to stop your overflowing toilet.  Call Alegent Health Employee Assistance at (402)398-5566 or (888)847-4975 for help in dealing with lifes challenges.